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Thirty-year-old Brett Tyler lives and works on the Billington Hall Estate in Cambridgeshire, owned by rich music producer Steve King. Brett appears quite content to the outside world, happily living in a rent free cottage, a perk of his job as the recently appointed replacement Estate Manager. Brett had resigned himself to the Bachelor lifestyle when suddenly his lifelong friend, Captain Rob Shye, was killed whilst diffusing a bomb out in Afghanistan. This left the beautiful and intelligent Samantha Shye, a lonely bereaving wife. Brett now finds himself desperately wanting to share the rest of his life with his best mate’s widow, but to date they have little in common except for their past relationship with Samantha’s recently deceased husband.


Mid-thirties Samantha is a high flying Fellow of Archaeology at the world-famous Cambridge University and since Rob’s death, the only thing that has been of any interest to Samantha, is her work with archaeological relics from the past. However, Brett’s dream of getting closer to Samantha was now about to become, an unexpected reality. Brett’s unearthing of two historical relics with his metal detector, on the Billington Hall Estate, gives Brett Tyler the best excuse in the world to contact Samantha. But Brett is not only about to embark on the wooing of Samantha, he is also about to become the only living witness to important historical events, that have been hidden from scholars of history, for over 2000 years. Brett has unknowingly absorbed the DNA of the two long ago deceased owners of the historical artefacts that Brett has uncovered and soon finds himself observing life back in East Anglia around the time of the Iceni Warrior, Queen, Boudicca!


The life of Princess Lannesea, one of Boudicca’s two daughters, is about to unfold in front of Brett’s very eyes. A tale of dangerous and forbidden passion in which Princess Lannesea, dares to fall in love with a Roman Centurion soldier. Two people from opposite sides of warring factions are about to embark on a perilous journey, facing a life of constant threats and dangers. Brett is fast becoming the only man alive who can finally resolve the mystery of what happened to Princess Lannesea, in the absence of any unknown hidden or surviving historical records.


The present day finds Brett awakening from a drunken night’s sleep, with the distinct feeling he has been away for months and not just the few hours he had been asleep on an uncomfortable sofa. Brett needs a rational explanation for a tragedy, he is convinced he has just clearly witnessed and immediately seeks the help of Samantha. But life is complicated by the small circle of colourful characters Brett and Samantha are surrounded by.


First up is Steve King, Brett’s boss and current owner of the Billington Hall Estate. Steve King is a once famous music producer from the 60’s and 70’s and is now ambitiously seeking a return to the throne as the King of Pop.


Second up is Lorraine Davis. Fifty-Two years of age and works as an administration assistant to Samantha. Much to the alarm of Samantha, Lorraine appears to be on every dating site to mankind, with the inevitable consequences.


Next up is archaeology student Anuska Tolstoy, possessor of a silver baby feeder reputedly once used to feed an infamous Russian Princess, which is now the target of two Russian thugs who Anuska believes murdered her parents back in Russia.


Finally, the reader will meet Marney Cunningham, a.k.a. The Puntmaster, Irish rogue who runs the largest flotilla of punts on the River Cam and ends up being pursued by the Police on a charge of murder, following a horrific discovery floating down the self-same river .



THE ICENI QUEEN, the first novel in the ‘GHOSTS of DNA’ Trilogy , could be described as a “Literary Fairground of Rides and Events” that we believe will leave you the reader, wanting to re – experience this great piece of fiction time and time again and be very happy to recommend to friends and family .



House of Shye


We are currently in the process, of recording the finalised 1st Edition of THE ICENI DAUGHTER . This will be the very first novel from the forthcoming GHOSTS of DNA Trilogy by our very own in-house author, E.R.LUCAS.

You will be able to download FREE OF CHARGE Chapters 1-10 ( out of 20) . The full version of

THE ICENI DAUGHTER will be available in both audio, digital download and paperback later in 2017.

If you wish to be notified of updates and progress, please advise via contact form .

If you would like to hear the first 6 chapters from the unfinalized version then please click on the Soundcloud link below the synopsis, to start your exciting journey into the GHOSTS of DNA Trilogy .