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(Inspired by the BBC Dr Who series)



With the world’s human population growing faster than on-land food production can sustain, Sea Farming is now seen as the imperative goal to ensure the survival of the human race.


A young teenage ‘DOC’, still trying to get to grips with the art of time travel, finds himself on the top secret experimental “H.M.S. AMBUSH” out on its first sea trial, only to discover it’s not all going to be plain sailing for himself, the crew and some unexpected highly excitable passengers.


Episode One of “AMBUSH”, is currently being recorded for broadcast as a FREE PODCAST via this website. If you wish to be notified when available please advise via our contact form .


“AMBUSH” was written by Nick Redford & Richard Crawley who are now in the process of writing a brand new sitcom “NORMAL FOR NORFOLK”, based around an animal behaviourist who is asked to resolve a local dilemma.  

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